Welcome Knights to our Tournament Homepage

All Tournament gameplay must be livestreamed through our Clan Youtube and moderated by a Templar Level Admin. A STABLE NON RED BAR CONNECTION IS REQUIRED TO COMPETE, you will be removed from the tournament if your connection does not meet the standard.


Insidious Knights 4v4 Clash/Supremacy Tournament

Tournament Start Date: Sunday July 9, 2017



Round 1 (left and right outside matches) - July 9

Round 2 (1 bracket in from left and right) - July 16

Semi_Finals (Final 4) - July 23

Finals - July 30


- Teams will be responsible to communicate with each other to set up their event time. Any time Between 12pm est and 12am est on their respective tournament day is allowable. Let the carnige begin!!! AND GOOD LUCK KNIGHTS!!


Team 1   LorGwalla   rikus     darkeSTDestiny2b     KING-DOPEY-G     XxStraightHoodxX
Team 2   AubreyOE   dragonwrath     Warrior_4_Christ     Reagle54331      xXTorcAlltaXx
Team 3   astros257   jebaddiah     Thepeoplez96     Og_SmooF     goody7104
Team 4   Themanofway87   wylde jezter     Huntly7     loffinator666     xsCROSSxs 
Team 5   XxButtabiscuitXX   steel leon     AmoryPanda     C0mm0n773     ImmaJosh
Team 6   King_Fordifire   chataway     Onyxterra     Ranger_529     Dudehaze
Team 7   EnviousBlood   strike force     Holley15     DONTBLINK89     asherb357 
Team 8   TwiiSTeDxR34p3rz   gameaddict     AcidMartian      Milktrayman5     windbreaker_sume
Team 9   st_burt   bigkilla     Headshot_hunter6     Hyperfury599     SasquatchFPS 
Team 10   Dee_dee99   aries343     mustangcowboy     AshenShards1     R-Evolution-12
Team 11   Grover_Trey_3   grahm burger     duss4277     CapnCrunchwrap     Quickastroid199



-It’s that time again. And the tournament style that you have chosen is Teams of 4 Knights battling it out in private matches of Clash and Supremacy.  


-Each match between teams will consist of alternating games between clash and supremacy to a specific number of wins (depending on the round.) The winning Team of each match will move on to the next round, and the Losing Team will be eliminated.


-The number of Rounds will be determined by the number of participants.


-Teams will be selected during a LIVE STREAM “SNAKE” DRAFT (June 25, 2017 @3pm EST/7pm UTC). Once Sign ups are closed, all participants will be evaluate and given a skill rank. The top ranked participants will be set as Team Captains.  All other participants will be placed into different skill level divisions. During the Draft, Team Captains will select their Team Members from these skill level divisions via a Back-and-Forth, Round-by-Round draft order (ie., 1-10,10-1,1-10,10-1, etc.) The order that Team Captains will pick will be randomly determined.



-If you sign up to participate in the Insidious Knights 4v4 Clash/Supremacy Tournament, you MUST be available to participate in the LIVE STREAM “SNAKE” DRAFT (Participation in the Draft is to confirm your position on the selecting Team.) Failure to be able to participate in the Live Draft will cause you to forfeit your spot in the Tournament.


-Tournament Match Rounds will all be held on the same day (Sundays) and Streamed. Teams will be given a 12 hr block of time on that day in which to Schedule their Match. (Please keep in mind that we are a GLOBAL community and sometimes a compromise is needed to aid in scheduling.) The Team Captains are in place to select the Team, HOWEVER it is the responsibility of the ENTIRE TEAM to help schedule event times. Work together.


-This Tournament is set up for any and all Knights. If PvP is your “thing”, or not exactly your “cup of tea”, this tournament is for you!! Sign up and join your fellow members in a GREAT time full of fun, salt, and laughs!! And may the Best Team Win!!



No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em