Clan Rules

Member Code of Conduct


The following are what is expected from every Member of our community with no exceptions:

  • - Be respectful to all members, while friendly banter is acceptable, making it personal or member harassment is not acceptable.
  • - No strong language, putting anyone down for race/religion/sexual orientation or targeted harassment will not be allowed.
  • - When official events are streamed all content over mics must be PG-13.
  • - Be a helpful member to your fellow clan mates.
  • - Every Member is required to display the Insidious Knights clan tag at all times. If a Member fails to have their clan tag set to IK [DAB], they will receive a PM from one of our Admins informing the member. I the clan tag still is not set within a timely manner, the Member will be removed from the clan.
  • -Must stay active to retain clan membership, website must be logged into no later then 60 days - members not logged in past 60days will be removed from the clan to make room for active members


IK Strike Policy

(For Official Events)


You will receive a strike for violating the following, 3 strikes accrued will result in removal from clan.

  • - Any member signed up to attend an official event must be available 15 mins before the event start time. Also, attending members have up until 15 mins prior to event start time to back out of any event. Members who violate either of the above will receive a STRIKE.
  • - Members who violate the Code of Conduct in anyway will be eligible to recieve a STRIKE.
  • - Admins who fail to meet any of the Admin Requirements and Expectations for the week will be eligible to receive a STRIKE.

(Continued Abuse of the Strike Policy may require a probationary period of a member that is decided apon by the Round Table)



  • -Any Member who attends four (4) consecutive Official xInsidious Knightsx Events (PvE or PVP,) WITHOUT receiving an additional STRIKE, is eligible to have a STRIKE Removed.
  • -It is at the responsibility of Each Member to Track their own four (4) consecutive events, and also to contact an Admin with all information needed (Event Links) to Remove a STRIKE.


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em