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Welcome to InsidiousKnights

Devotion And Brotherhood [DaB]


IK Clan Membership Steps:


Only completing ALL 4 STEPS gives you access to the clan



  1. STEP 1 - Follow our Youtube/Twitch Channels

  2. STEP 2 - Request a clan tag from one of our Houses on

  3. STEP 3 - Join our applicant Discord server (Use this link Discord Chat Server  )

    • So we can contact you if we need info and also link you to our clan server - Google "Discord" if you dont have the app and create a free account, use link above to join the server

  4. STEP 4 - Fill out and submit an application for membership

    • Make sure your Gamerlaunch name is the same as your PSN name


IMPORTANT: Must stay active to retain clan membership, website must be logged into at least once every 30 days - members not logged in past 30 days will be removed from the clan to make room for active members.



(When applying, please fill out application COMPLETELY and ALL USERNAMES MUST MATCH PSN "Playstation Screen Name" or it will be Denied)

**Click here -->** Submit App Here


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em