Clan Houses





House Arthurian

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The first house of the clan, where legends are born.  Known for their courage and perseverance to win the war as King Arthur

Symbol Lion


PSN TAG: InsidiousKnights Alpha

House Nevsky

They are known for great skills in alliances and leading the way. Many called pack masters or wolves.

Symbol Wolf


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House Diaz De Vivar

“Masters” or enforcers, they are skilled as commanders and guaranteeing every battle won. They will defy all odds to see the war won.

Symbol Griffin




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House De Guesclin

They are the light hearted of  the knights, but don’t take their lack of seriousness as weakness, they are known for being spirited and determined to get the task done.

Symbol Hound


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House Henry “Hotspurs”

The name said it all; this house is known for jumping into any battle, thier prowess and ferocity in combat makes a valuable asset to any campaign.

Symbol Sparrow




PSN TAG: InsidiousKnights Omega 

House Joan

This house is not to be taken lightly. These knights are known for their determination and bravery in fighting for what they believe in.

Symbol Stag


PSN TAG: InsidiousKnights Sigma

House Hawkwood

This House known for their prominent and successful mercenary leaders, cunning and swift

Symbol Hawk


PSN TAG: InsidiousKnights Theta

House Teutonic

Theses Knight are not only known for their wealth and influences but for chivalry in aiding the weak and the poor.

Symbol Red Cross




No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em